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Benade Enterprises is a self-owned closed corporation of which Eben Benade and Jean Benade each holds 50 percent (50%) equal shares in the company. The CC is fully registered with the Namibian Ministry of Trade and Industry.


Benade Enterprises have grown to become a well sought after company to service amongst many a wide range of clients including but not limited to the following partners: Africa Online – By providing technical support to their current clientele where our expertise surpasses their ability to service their clients as an ISP such as installation of Network infrastructure, Maintenance of Systems and Sales of hardware and accessories. CB Enterprises – As a well-known Distribution company in the commodity sales sector that distributes to major retailers such as Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite, Clicks and many more, Benade Enterprises has a Service Level Agreement to maintain stock control systems and all information technology related hardware to keep the operation running seamlessly and to keep our partner current with the latest equipment and technology to further benefit their core business. Windhoek Gymnasium/Curo Education – Benade Enterprises has been a major contributor in turning Windhoek Gymnasium into a fully electronic learning campus by implementing a Campus Wide Enterprise level Wi-Fi solution and fiber infrastructure that rivals some of the best e-learning colleges in Africa with a reward for leading technology driven learning systems and implementing an African Footprint by installing the full Lightspeed Systems solution for online Campuses. Benade Enterprises currently serves as the preferred retailer and service provider for Windhoek Gymnasium. Welwitschia Travel – Benade Enterprises currently maintains systems for this well-known travel agency and ensures that all systems and hardware is well maintained to provide the agents with the ability to quickly and effectively provide their clients with the most suited travel packages in a completely online environment where technological failure directly impacts this client’s income. Eagle Night Watch Security – Benade Enterprises currently maintains the systems of this Security Firm that sees to the safety of multiple government owned premises. With multiple branches across Namibia and a total exceeding 500 security staff members, it is imperative that all systems function seamlessly to keep track of shift changes and salaries. Benade Enterprises fill the role of system maintenance and constant communication between branches to ensure that the main branch is constantly aware of where there employees are stationed.

Business Model

Benade Enterprises was founded on a minimal budget and as a result have adapted our strategies accordingly by taking on projects on a C.O.D basis and paying all of our suppliers as soon as we pick up stock and thus we focus our efforts into creating revenue through service delivery rather than sales. This strategy ensured that our service delivery became renowned for in the local market as a company that does not “sell and forget” but rather builds a relationship with our partners, and see to it that all they’re needs are met in a timely and professional manner by selling the necessary hardware accustomed to their needs and then maintaining the systems by means of Service Level Agreements and regular returns. This all puts us in a position where we have no debt with any banks or any accounts with our suppliers which in turn keeps overheads to a minimum. We strive to uphold this model for as long as possible.
Conclusion Benade Enterprises is a small but ever growing operation that strives for service excellence in the Information Technology and Security Technology field. With major partners such as the above mentioned and also daily calls to new leads we firmly believe that we have secured a good reputation in an Industry filled with fly-by-night companies and self-proclaimed engineers which often give the industry a bad name. Benade Enterprises strives to provide cost-effective solutions that fits within a partner’s budget yet gets the job done rather than selling overly-technical and expensive solutions that in the end leaves the client with a system that exceeds their needs thus damaging our company’s good name. With time and growth both parties end up having a good relationship and an almost “no questions asked” trust relation when it comes to major upgrades due to growth within our partner’s firm. BSECURE Installers of: CCTV  | Security System  | Alarm Systems | Electric Fences & Early Warning Systems  Bsecure   Security   Solutions   was   founded   under   the   proudly   Namibian   Benade   Enterprises   brand   to   answer   to   the   high   demand in   security   systems   for   homes   and   businesses.   Bsecure   Security   Solutions   strives   to   uphold   friendly   and   professional   service delivery   while   advising,   installing   and   maintaining   the   latest   and   best   the   security   technologies   market   has   to   offer.   Bsecure Security   Solutions’   team   of   skilled   and   qualified   technicians   are   constantly   updating   their   skills   set   through   various   training programs specifically catered for the security technology market. Bsecure   Security   Solutions   has   also   established   a   strong   trusting   relationship   with   one   of   Windhoek’s   leading   armed   response companies    TEPHCOR   Armed   Response .   Bsecure   Security   Solutions   is   not   only   authorized   but   also   the   preferred   company   to   do the    technical    installations    of    the    alarm    and    security    systems    to    which    the    Tephcor    transmitters    connect.    In    combining professionally   installed   early   warning      and   alarm   systems   by   Bsecure   Security   Solutions   and   swift   and   effective   Armed   response by   Tephcor   Armed   Response   both   Bsecure   Security   Solutions   and   Tephcor   Armed   response   always   keep   the   client’s   safety   our first priority.

Bsecure Security Solutions offers the following services:

Early warning systems installation Electric Fencing Installation and Maintenance  Electric gate/garage motor installations and maintenance Fire detection systems Access Control Systems CCTV Installations and Maintenance Alarm systems installation and maintenance 



Eben Benade - Technical Projects Lead

Eben Benade started his career in Information Technology shortly after finishing school in 2005, working as a junior technician for a local I.T firm. He then started his studies to become a MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and upon completion continued his career in Information technology. With the dream of becoming a business owner one day, Eben worked his way up through the ranks from Junior Tech all the way to becoming Senior I.T Support Specialist at one of Namibia’s Uranium Mines and eventually Windhoek Branch Manager for the same company providing support to the mine and from there on started his own business with Jean Benade when the opportunity presented itself.

Information Technology Sales & Support, Installation of:

CCTV  | Security System  | Alarm Systems | Electric Fences & Early Warning Systems  

Benade Enterprises



Jean Benade - Operational Administration Lead

Jean Benade comes from a managerial background with a diploma in B-Com (Bachelor of Commerce) and a keen eye for business, Jean leads the administrational side of our business seeing that the day to day operations runs without a hitch. Jean was previously appointed as Branch Manager for a well-known local and international Geo-Technical Laboratory. With an opportunity to spread his wings even more Jean grabbed the opportunity head on to become Co-Owner of his own business and take on the challenges of starting a company even though it is in a completely different industry.

Benade Enterprises was founded by Eben Benade and Jean Benade to mainly service the Information

Technology and Security Systems market by providing both sales and support for the ever growing

market. With excellent expertise and more than 10 years’ experience in installing and maintaining

Information Technology and Security Systems, Eben Benade fronts the technical aspect of the

business while Jean Benade manages the day to day projects and placement of recourses. With a B-

com diploma in business management and and over 3 years’ experience in managing branches and

staff for A-grade companies like Geo-Strada from the Auricon Group of Companies, Jean is a vital

aspect of our operation.

Some of our Quality Products 

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